Reconciliation (rec · on · cil · i · a · tion)

1. The restoration of friendly relations. "his reconciliation with your uncle"

2. The action of making one view or belief compatible with another.
"he aims to bring about a reconciliation between art and technology"

Among the things commonly described as reconciled are ideas, narratives, persons, groups, and God. To reconcile theories with one another is to render them mutually consistent. To reconcile yourself to the fact that you have cancer is to live better with the belief that you do. Reconciliation of the divine-human relationship is linked in the Christian tradition to the notion of salvation.

The following is an excerpt from an essay that concentrates on the uses to which the concept of reconciliation has been put in the treatment of moral and political issues that arise in the aftermath of wrongdoing and conflict between persons and groups.

The term ‘reconciliation’ is used to refer either to a process or to an outcome or goal. 

Reconciliation, as an outcome, is an improvement in the relations among parties formerly at odds with one another. The nature and degree of improvement required to qualify as reconciliation for any particular context is a matter of disagreement among theorists. So too, the reasons why relations have improved may play a role in determining whether reconciliation has genuinely taken place. That is, on some accounts, two parties will count as reconciled only if their better future relations result from their having satisfactorily dealt with the emotional, epistemic, and/or material legacy of the past.

While the outcome of reconciliation is oriented toward a future marked by peaceful and just relations, the processes of reconciliation are typically oriented towards the continuing bad feelings, suspicions, or harms that were created by the conflicts and injustices of the past.

From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (published 05/11/15. For a complete discussion of the process and how reconciliation is approached in academia - click here.